Author: Jarrad Howard

Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Studies Coordinator, brings his passion for non-profits and the arts to Alexander-Haas. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Brenau University, and as a member of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Jarrad’s background in music and theatre led him to development and fundraising.

Marvelous Mentors

By: David Shufflebarger, Senior Partner One of the joys of our work is that we get to meet and learn from some truly marvelous people. Over time, my abundant youthful ignorance about philanthropy has been lessened considerably by generous people who were willing to pass on what they had learned from many successes and some… Read more »

Toastmasters: Expanding Your Development Horizons

By: Judy Anderson, Project Director My early career in fundraising was as a grant writer – I was comfortable there using my skills to clearly communicate the mission, goals, programs and needs of my organization.  Then one day, my executive director was double-booked for a meeting with a board member and a presentation to the… Read more »

Advisory Groups: Fundraising’s Flux Capacitors

  By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner In recent days, many of us were reminded of the pop culture significance of October 21, 2015, as the destination date for Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown, in the film Back To The Future II. Whether it’s time travel or the search for resources to sustain and… Read more »

Campaigning Your Mission

  By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner Have you noticed that the political season is in full swing? How could you miss it?  It seems that the candidates for President of the United States are showing up everywhere!  They are carrying their messages directly to the people and trying to help individual voters feel a close… Read more »

Lead With Your Mission

  By: Mark Belcher, Partner How often have you decided to accept a gift from a donor that is designated for a “new” program?  Nearly every development office has faced this opportunity in a climate when every gift seems like a step closer towards achieving our development goals. I recently heard that a very established… Read more »

Imagining The Future of Liberal Arts Colleges

  By: Meggan Arp, Marketing Coordinator In light of Moody’s Investors Service’s ominous forecast that closure rates of small colleges and universities will triple and that mergers will double by 2017, many are questioning the future of small, liberal arts institutions. A recent article by Kellie Woodhouse in Inside Higher Ed identifies the main struggle… Read more »