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Making Board Membership More Meaningful

  By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner In case it didn’t make it on your New Year’s resolutions list and you still have an open slot, add this one: make board membership more meaningful by helping them better understand the fundraising part of their role.   As fundraising professionals and nonprofit leaders, we are revenue drivers,… Read more »

Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

  By:  Nancy E. Peterman, Partner The first weeks of January have most likely been focused on ensuring that activities such as gift entry and acknowledgment letters are current. Now that the first two weeks of the year are behind us, it is a great time to tackle the following: Evaluate your year-end and holiday… Read more »

The Importance of your Website Design

  By Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Study Coordinator Many times, your organization’s website is what makes your first impression. More and more, donors are going to websites before ever having spoken to anyone, which means your website is the most prolific representation you have. It also acts as a business card – a quick and… Read more »

The Face of Philanthropy

A regular feature of the Chronicle of Philanthropy – usually about three pages in – is ‘The Face of Philanthropy,’ with a marvelous photograph effectively illustrating the impact of a not-for-profit program. Two faces came to mind the other day when I received an email about a fundraising event from Debbie Jeter, CEO and Cofounder… Read more »

Celebrating the Life of J. Mack Robinson

All of us in Atlanta mourn the passing of one of the kindest and gentlest philanthropists, J. Mack Robinson, who died of complications of Alzheimer’s on February 7.  Known for his magnanimous generosity, he left a legacy of thoughtful and strategic philanthropy.  I had the privilege of working with him at Georgia State.  I was… Read more »

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MatchSticks Atlanta Job Matching for Fundraising/Development and Non-Profits

Alexander Haas is pleased to announce that we are now providing a job matching service for development professionals and our Atlanta nonprofit clients. MatchSticks, our newest RESULTS driven service, is now available as a cost and time effective professional search option. Build your development team by utilizing our growing database of development career seekers, counsel… Read more »

Fundraising and Campaign Development Websites from Alexander Haas

Sites of Interest Sites for Fundraising Professionals Giving Institute : Fund raising’s homepage, provide a wide variety of information of value to fund raising professionals. Major Gifts Identification/Consulting: General Interest Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP): The Foundation Center: provides links to more than 140 foundations and charities that provide… Read more »