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David King Live on Business RadioX

David King talks with the High Velocity Radio hosts about how to strategically set your donor board up for success, pitfalls to avoid when planning your fundraising budget, and just how Alexander Haas helps “transform institutions that transform lives”.

On Board and Institutional Governance: Insights from AGB President, Rick Legon

What defines a successful board? How do institutions determine what matters most on their campus grounds? Rick Legon, President of AGB shares insights on the podcast.

Why I Give: The Personal History of a Citizen Historian

Data collected by the Humanities Indicators Project of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences shows that current public funding for the humanities through the National Endowment for the Humanities and state humanities councils approaches $175-million.

Five Ways Perfection is Killing Your Fundraising Progress

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.”

3 Ways to Keep Your Donors Coming Back

What influences donors to come back year after year to your organization? Let’s take a look at the top three reasons donors cite for giving in the "2017 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth", and how you can use this knowledge to keep your donors loyal to your organization.

Build and Retain Your Donor Base

The Wallace Foundation has been a leader in the field of research and study of effective audience building tactics and strategies for nonprofit fundraising. Since 2002, the Fund has supported innovation in audience building through its grants to over 54 performing arts groups across the country. This year, with researcher Bob Harlow, they have published The Road [...]

Stewardship 10 Pointers

At Alexander Haas, we have seen and are seeing a number of examples where stewardship helps in building a culture of philanthropy. Our Managing Partner Arthur Criscillis makes the point that good stewardship involves four key components: acknowledging the gift, recognizing the donor, telling the donor how the gift was used, and engaging the donor. [...]

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Different Is Good: The Alexander Haas Experience

At Alexander Haas, we work as a team.  Clients work with more than one consultant; in fact, each client has a team behind him or her working together to further the mission of the organization. 

The Ask Amount

  By Nancy Peterman, Partner Best practices dictate that a solicitation includes an ask for a specific amount.  How do organizations determine the correct amount?  This is a question that is raised repeatedly in every campaign and frequently in annual giving programs with personal, face-to face solicitations.  It is also one that confounds leadership [...]

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Alumni Engagement is More Important than Alumni Participation

  By John Taylor, Partner In a previous article, I argued that relying exclusively on alumni participation to gauge alumni affinity to an organization was no longer a viable metric.  Simple math, as discussed in that article, is causing participation rates to decline no matter how actively we pursue alumni donations.  Certainly we want [...]

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