Church Capital Campaign

Raising the funds to meet the mission and ministry needs of churches is becoming increasingly challenging.  At Alexander Haas, we understand the challenges that congregations face in raising the funds to support their mission. More importantly, we understand how to overcome those challenges.

Our Church Fundraising Campaign Consultants Will Help You:

  • Assess your church’s annual stewardship opportunities,
  • Educate and train church stewardship teams,
  • Conduct a campaign strategy study to determine feasible goals for special projects,
  • Manage and direct a capital campaign,
  • And ultimately partner with you to enhance your church’s ministry.

The Church Stewardship Campaign Feasibility Study

  • “How do we create a culture of gratitude and generosity within our congregation”?
  • “Our stewardship program has stalled. How do we increase the number of households pledging annually?”
  • “How do we develop an effective narrative budget that really tells our members what their dollars support?”
  • “What should we be doing in the church with online giving?”

At Alexander Haas, these “real life” questions have been asked of us many times. To help churches address these questions and many others related to raising the all-important funds to support ministries, Alexander Haas has developed The Stewardship Assessment Study.

Alexander Haas is dedicated to helping churches build a strong stewardship campaign to meet both immediate and long-term objectives for mission and ministry. A Stewardship Assessment Study is often the first important step in evaluating and enhancing your stewardship campaign.

Additionally, it is a tool to help congregations address other challenges such as clergy leadership transitions, strategic planning, changing technology or a congregation reaching a fundraising plateau. This “audit” will provide you with an objective analysis of your situation and specific recommendations to address such challenges.

What Will Our Church Fundraising Consultants Do For You?

  • Conduct a series (usually 10 to 15) of interviews with key church staff and stewardship volunteers.
  • Examine selected documents of your church’s stewardship program, such as campaign plans and yearly giving comparisons.
  • Review your stewardship campaign structure, strategy, process, calendar, and messaging.
  • Analyze the records and research process, including prospect tracking, gift-recording procedures and congregational demographics.
  • Evaluate the organizational structure and personnel resources for maximum stewardship and development effectiveness.
  • Assess the attitudes, morale, and communication flow related to stewardship and development among staff and volunteers.
  • Evaluate the stewardship communication efforts of the church, including publications/printed materials and direct marketing approaches (telephone, e-mail, person-to-person, use of website and social media).
  • Examine past stewardship effectiveness in each of the major areas (annual stewardship giving, special project/capital campaign giving, planned/deferred giving) as well as the gift recognition associated with each area.
  • Address other issues that inevitably surface during the study process.
  • Prepare and present a report of your stewardship strengths and opportunities along with specific recommendations for capitalizing on those strengths, addressing the opportunities and specific “next steps” to best meet your objectives.

Who Will Work With Your Church Fundraisers?

One of our experienced church stewardship campaign consultants will be directly involved as your Stewardship Assessment Study Director to conduct the interviews, research your background materials and information, and analyze your unique situation. The report and recommendations will be reviewed by the principals of the firm, assuring you of their collective experience and insights.

What is the Main Benefit for Churches to Work With Alexander Haas?

You receive an outside, objective, written analysis of your congregation’s stewardship program. Alexander Haas focuses your final report on specific recommendations to overcome your church’s particular challenges and capitalize on your strengths. These recommendations provide you with an outline for an immediate short-term and long-range plan of action – and the most effective strategies for enhancing your stewardship efforts. We are proud that our clients have put our stewardship recommendations into immediate action – and have experience immediate positive results.

Capital Campaign Fundraising For Churches

At Alexander Haas, we understand that developing the campaign plan is only the beginning of the challenge. Successful campaigns depend of executing the plan, monitoring progress and the situation carefully and making the right adjustments to maintain momentum and keep the campaign on course. We also understand the importance of executing the campaign in a manner that does not jeopardize, undermine or disrupt ongoing annual stewardship programs.

As campaign counsel we see ourselves as your partner on the campaign team, advising on strategy for the overall campaign as well as strategies for individual prospects. We believe that every decision made along the campaign route impacts the outcome and we strive to use the experience we have gained from working with more than 1000 organizations to ensure that those decisions have a positive impact on your campaign’s success. We strive to be proactive and help guide you through the campaign, rather than being a “Monday morning quarterback” who critiques you after decisions have been made.

We understand that no two congregations, no matter how similar, are exactly alike. There are unique strengths, challenges and histories that all influence the campaign. We believe that our job, as counsel, is to develop and executive a campaign strategy that takes all of these factors into account to capitalize on the strengths and mitigate the challenges. We have a wealth of experience, having worked on hundreds of campaigns and a great many tools at our disposal, but a “cookie cutter” is not one of them.

In order to provide your congregation with the level of service required for success, Alexander Haas offers a range of Church Fundraising Consulting Services customized to your unique needs to maximize success. These can include:

  • Working with you to help identify campaign leadership, including Campaign Chair and Campaign Committee members and develop a strategy for who should be recruited and by whom, when and how.
  • Helping design and develop a campaign plan and budget. The plan will include the strategy, sequencing schedule, range-of-gifts table, organizational chart, job descriptions, and budget for the campaign, etc.
  • Assisting in the development of individual cultivation and solicitation strategies for all prospective donors to the campaign.
  • Helping refine and position your case statement and gift recognition opportunities.
  • Educating and helping motivate your leadership to contribute, solicit for, and market the campaign. Alexander Haas will provide the volunteers with training and information needed to solicit gifts personally.
  • Providing necessary direction, guidance, and counsel for campaign leadership, volunteers, and staff. This will include attendance at Campaign Committee meetings, strategy meetings with staff and volunteers, and on-going availability in person and by phone and email.
  • Assessing giving patterns to help identify the best prospects.
  • Providing guidance on establishing and maintaining a program to evaluate and monitor the cultivation and solicitation of your prospects. This will include tracking the status of all solicitations, assignments, results and development of report procedures to be used at all volunteer levels.
  • Helping organize your campaign to keep the campaign moving.
  • Assisting in planning campaign meeting, by working with the campaign staff and campaign volunteers to prepare agendas and support materials, to ensure that the meeting are effectively and efficiently conducted.
  • Providing assistance in letter writing, agenda planning, drafting of correspondence, acknowledgement of pledges and gifts, telephone follow-up with volunteers, and other day-to-day management duties.
  • Preparing and helping implement a communications strategy.
  • Helping write individual requests and proposals, and develop written “strategy memos” and talking points for solicitations.
  • Providing counsel on other issues that arise during the campaign.
  • Assuring that fundraising efforts are coordinated so that annual stewardship is not compromised during the campaign.