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Rebekah Wortman

SEO/Social Media Consultant

Rebekah Wortman has delivered effective integrated business-to-business communications, search engine optimization and internet marketing strategies to organizations in multiple industries since 2005.

After launching her career in corporate communications, Wortman directed her natural skillset of incisive thinking, intelligent research and strong writing to public affairs and advocacy. She worked closely with state lobbyists and legislators on key issues, including statewide tort reform, sustainable development and economic growth for the City of Atlanta. Her growing interest in emerging media and communications channels, led Wortman to cultivate an in-depth understanding of the inherent power of combining traditional communications best practices with emerging media channels.

Learning the art of search engine optimization before it became a fad, Wortman has spent years analyzing the logic and methodology behind the major search engines, their ranking methods and their ancillary services, including Analytics, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and more. She has continued her focus on online communications by integrating search engine tactics with emerging channels, social media and video marketing. She provides AH clients with insights into which media channels can most effectively communicate with their donor markets and provides targeted strategies to help clients share their messages effectively and with wider influence.

Wortman holds a BA in Political Science and Mass Communications from the University of Georgia. She currently resides in Loganville with her husband and two children.

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