Museum fundraising campaign and Museum capital campaign planning study

Face it: Museum fundraising is different.
Alexander Haas serves a cross section of museums throughout the country. We specialize (and delight in) your unique challenges and attributes. As a museum, you have different needs at different times. Alexander Haas can help you craft a unique solution for your needs to create very real RESULTS.

Pre-Campaign Services

Contemplating a museum fundraiser or Art museum campaign? Not sure how to start? Know how to start but need to equip yourself with a winning strategy? Alexander Haas provides invaluable objectivity and experience to help you prepare for the most successful museum campaign possible through services such as:

Campaign Services

Our Partners have provided fundraising counsel for more than 800 successful campaigns for institutions from Florida to Washington state. The Alexander Haas Team offers extensive knowledge ranging from how to build a strong case for support to how to organize a museum capital campaign, how to motivate volunteers to approach philanthropists, corporations and foundations. Our Campaign Services include:

On-Going Counsel

Alexander Haas is dedicated to helping museums and Art museums build strong advancement programs to meet both immediate and long-term goals. We work within your budget to help you get RESULTS for special projects or for on-going annual needs. Our experts can help build or improve your fundraising program through distinct services including:

Board Enhancement

Ask yourself this simple question: Do you look forward to Board and Board Committee meetings? If the answer is no, your organization is missing a significant opportunity and our Board Enhancement programs can produce highly functioning Boards that are a significant leadership and funding source for you.

  • Board Analysis
  • Board Development Counsel
  • Board Training/Retreats

Special Services

Much like walking through the aisles of a home improvement store, needing a variety of different things from nails and caulk to paint and insulation, Alexander Haas offers everything you need to have a strong, well-equipped fund raising organization. Whether you need help facilitating a meeting or need a case for support designed and printed, we offer all the services that help you achieve the greatest RESULTS.

  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Meeting/Retreat Facilitator
  • Creative Services
  • Publications


Membership Consultants is a full service Membership marketing resource for Membership organizations, including Zoos, Museums, Botanical Gardens, Associations and other non-profit organizations. Founded by Dana Hines in 1987, Membership Consultants provides a suite of services to the membership community, including Membership Audits and Strategic Plans, direct mail campaigns for new member acquisition, renewals, upgrades and annual appeals. Other services include telemarketing, market research, on-site sales and as well as a full complement of digital and online fundraising and membership marketing opportunities.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to setup a museum capital campaign feasibility study.