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Senior Class Gift Organizers to Partner with Career Center

Organizers of the senior class gift campaign are not looking to just elicit donations from students this year – they’re also trying to help seniors plan for their futures.

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The 2017 Tax Law’s Impact On Giving: What Economists Don’t Get

Since December 2017, the nonprofit sector has been buzzing with speculation about how the increase in the standard deduction, resulting in a decrease in the number of people who itemize their taxes from 30% of [...]

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How Your Organization Can Prepare For The Future Trends In Nonprofit

One of my favorite expressions is, “There is no such thing as standing still; you are either moving forward or backward.” We may feel as though we are standing still, but things are constantly shifting around us.

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Nonprofits Fear Impact of Trump Administration Plan to Cut Capital-Gains Tax

A tax break tilted toward the wealthiest Americans that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pushed this week would dampen charitable giving, according to some nonprofit-policy experts, providing more unsettling news to charities already worried about the impact of last year’s tax overhaul.

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Four Common Mistakes Made By Emerging Nonprofits, And How You Can Avoid Them

There are many challenges of starting a nonprofit, beyond getting 501 (c)(3) status, just as there are challenges in starting any for-profit business. Here are four common mistakes that we see new and emerging nonprofits routinely making and how you can avoid them.

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Four Ways to Empower Your Nonprofit Board for Success

Nonprofits could not achieve their goals without the collective manpower and connections of their board members. Yet, managing them effectively can be a challenge. Rather than struggling to reign in a troublesome board, here are four ways nonprofit leadership can set their board and organization up for success.

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