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Best of Web: Social Media and Nonprofit Organizations

The recently published 2018 Global NGO Technology Report includes a survey of more than 5,300 NGOs across 164 counties. In its third year of publication, the report reveals how organizations—large and small—use multi-channel communications.

Crowdfunding: Passing Fad or Foundational Fundraising Tactic?

Is crowdfunding the way of the future? The verdict is still out. Several factors drive whether or not crowdfunding is right for your organization and campaign.

Current Trends in Online Fundraising

By Heather Thornton, Project Manager A recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article about online fundraising trends caught my eye, as I am working with a client in a campaign whose online presence is of particular importance and for whom social media has played a role in spreading the word about their endeavor. This article* outlines several [...]

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Engaging In Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WordPress, YouTube, Tumblr… the list goes on. Social media is taking over the internet and how we communicate with one another.  If your organization doesn’t have a social media presence you might as well live in the Stone Age. But what does your social media platform do for your giving? It [...]

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Not-So-Social Media

By: Jarrad Howard We hear it all the time. It has become the current buzz phrase within the non-profit sector: “Your organization needs to have a social media strategy”. This is completely, 100% true. Every organization needs to have a presence in social media. However, when it comes to fundraising, the most important part of [...]

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Instagram for Nonprofit Marketing

Humans are predominately visual creatures. From birth, we are hard-wired to be attracted to the most visually-stimulating images in front of us, and it is no different as we grow older. When given the choice, would you read a book filled with colorful and engaging pictures, or page after page of black and white monochromatic [...]

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Five Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

When social media first became a household name, it was January of 2010. A plane had just crashed in the Hudson River and a man named Janis Krums beat the traditional media to telling the story when he snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter.   Before that, everyone who extolled the virtues of [...]

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