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Endowment Campaign

At Alexander Haas, we understand that developing an endowment campaign plan is only the beginning of the challenge. Successful campaigns depend on executing the plan, monitoring progress and the situation carefully and making the right adjustments to maintain momentum and keep the campaign on course. We also understand the importance of executing the campaign in a manner that does not jeopardize, undermine or disrupt ongoing annual fundraising programs.

As Endowment Campaign Counsel we see ourselves as your partner on the campaign team, advising on strategy for the overall campaign as well as strategies for individual prospects. We believe that every decision made along the campaign route impacts the outcome and we strive to use the experience we have gained from working with more than 1,000 clients to ensure that those decisions have a positive impact on your campaign’s success. We strive to be proactive and help guide you through the campaign, rather than being a “Monday morning quarterback” who critiques you after decisions have been made.

We understand that no two organizations, no matter how similar, are exactly alike. There are unique strengths, challenges and histories that all influence the campaign. We believe that our job, as counsel, is to develop and execute an endowment campaign strategy that takes all of these factors into account to capitalize on the strengths and mitigate the challenges. We have a wealth of experience, having worked on campaigns with goals from $1 million to more than $1 billion, and a great many tools at our disposal, but a “cookie cutter” is not one of them.

We also believe that campaign success is defined by what happens at an institution after the campaign is over: fundraising programs are stronger, annual fundraising has reached a higher level, staff is better trained, and, most importantly leadership understands that fundraising is an ongoing investment. In our role as Endowment Campaign Counsel, we are looking at life beyond the campaign as well.

In order to provide your organization with the level of service required for success, Alexander Haas offers a range of Campaign Consulting Services customized to your unique needs and maximize success.

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  • Campaign Direction
  • Campaign Direction and Management
  • Case Statement Development and Design