Pre-Campaign Counseling

Contemplating a campaign? Not sure how to start? Know how to start but need to equip yourself with a winning strategy? Alexander Haas provides invaluable objectivity and experience to help you prepare for the most successful campaign possible.

Pre-Capital Campaign Planning

Typically, pre-campaign counseling requires a period of one to six months, depending on the organization’s situation (examples are relationship with prospective interviewees, their knowledge of the project, status of plans and cost estimates, and other factors). During this time Alexander Haas’ work may include:

  • Advising on the formation of a Campaign Planning Committee (consisting of the Board members and other volunteer leaders) to agree on the overall strategy for the campaign.
  • Working with the Campaign Planning Committee, Board, and staff to develop a preliminary campaign goal, which requires a detailed estimate of the costs of the projects to be funded.
  • Developing a preliminary Case for Support for approval by the Campaign Planning Committee for use in prospect briefings.
  • Providing Board training and educating Board and staff on their roles and responsibilities in the success of the campaign.
  • Planning and implementing a program to establish a “culture of philanthropy”.
  • Developing a detailed and compelling Case Statement in a narrative format (approved by the staff and Board leadership).
  • Analyzing prospective donors and their knowledge of the projects and coordinating briefings for prospects to increase their knowledge of the strategic plan.
  • Developing specific cultivation strategies for prospects for the top campaign gifts.
  • Assisting in the use and interpretation of database screening and analytics to identify potential major donor prospects.
  • Ensuring that fundraising policies are in place (approved by the staff and Board leadership).
  • Evaluating the organizational structure and personnel resources needed to support and execute a successful campaign.
  • Addressing other issues that may surface during the process.