Enhance Fundraising Board For Maximum Results

Improve the Fundraising Effectiveness of Your Board

Ask yourself this simple question: Do you look forward to Board and Board Committee meetings? If the answer is “No,” then your organization is missing a significant fundraising opportunity. Our Board Enhancement programs can assist you with developing your Board into a high-functioning team that will be a significant source of leadership and fundraising for your institution.

Board Assessment

The fundraising consultants at Alexander Haas will review your bylaws, policies, committee, and board meeting minutes and conduct personal interviews with Board Members. We will evaluate the Board’s composition, the working effectiveness of the Board and its committees, and each Board member’s experience and satisfaction with their role. 

From this assessment, we will provide you with a detailed set of recommendations that will set your Board on course to implement best practices in governance and policy. They will generate more effective committee and full board meetings and have a more satisfying overall governance experience. You will be surprised to see how the fundraising for your nonprofit can gain from an improved, cohesive, and goal-oriented Board. 

Board Development Counsel

After completing the Board Assessment, Alexander Haas can continue to provide direct counsel as you work to implement the recommendations of the report. Change does not always come easily, and having a trusted partner to walk with you and your Board members as you navigate this process can be extremely effective.

Board Training/Retreats

Do you need your Board to understand their role in governance and the distinction between staff responsibilities versus board responsibilities? Would you like them to be more comfortable and effective in fund and friend-raising? Perhaps a Board Retreat led by Alexander Haas is part of the solution.  

Our fundraising consultants will work with you to develop a half or full-day program to help educate your Board in areas where they need to be more effective. These engaging sessions can be stand-alone or proceed a Board Assessment. Often, the retreat itself will uncover the need for a deeper look at board function. Alternatively, the retreat acts as a first step in implementation after completing a Board Assessment.

How Can Our Fundraising Consultants Help You?

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