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Giving USA 2019 Results – Giving Reaches Record-Breaking High, But Not Everyone Benefited

Do you feel like giving was up last year? Do you feel like it was down? Well, either way you could be right. According to the findings of Giving USA, 2018 was an uneven year for philanthropy, with some subsectors experiencing significant increases, while others saw significant decreases. It was also a year that [...]

Team Member Spotlight: John Taylor

Meet John Taylor, Partner with Alexander Haas! As a Partner, John applies his extensive background in development to serve a wide variety of clients.

Can We Require A Minimum Gift To A Campaign?

  By: Nancy E. Peterman, Partner  “Can we require a minimum gift to a campaign?”  The question I was asked was unusual.  The caller, co-chair of a local organization, wanted to know if we had ever recommended requiring a minimum gift level for a capital campaign.  This organization had initiated a capital campaign several [...]

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How to Create a Compelling Case Statement

One billion-dollar campaign at a university printed a book, and cradled it in handmade wooden box… Another produced a glossy, four-color, seventeen-page document on 14x 17 card stock as its case for support… Still another used hand-made paper bolted between copper plates… The collection of case statement materials in our [...]

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Campaigns and Strategic Planning

By Nancy Peterman, Partner A successful campaign is built upon a compelling case for support. We are often called upon to help clients craft a case when they are in the initial stages of contemplating a campaign. Those institutions that have just concluded or updated their strategic plan are in the best position to begin [...]

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Make the Case

by Arthur L. Criscillis, Ed.D., Partner So, it is imperative that we know and are able to articulate why a gift matters. You need a new building? So what? Tell me how it will enable faculty to better educate students and make new and enhanced methods of learning possible. You need professorships? Tell me how [...]