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No Good Gift Goes Unpunished

Not 24 hours after the announcement of the world’s largest gift to higher education, there were those eager to criticize it. “Wait, Is Bloomberg’s $1.8-Billion Donation to Johns Hopkins a Good Thing?” screamed the headline in the November 20th issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Michael R. Bloomberg’s gift will enable the University to [...]

Giving USA 2018: Results

On June 19, 2018, David King, President and CEO of Alexander Haas, presented the Giving USA 2018: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2017 results at the monthly AFP Atlanta Chapter breakfast. A full recording of the presentation as well as the Q&A session is available. Please provide your name and [...]

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A Conversation about Community Engagement Curators

An increasing number of museums and cultural centers are adding community engagement curators (CECs) to their staffs to build two-way conversations about how to make our work more relevant to our neighbors and to give them a voice in what we do within and outside the museum walls.

Best of Web: Industry Trends

One of the challenges facing development leadership today is the retention of key staff members. Turnover in development is high. In fact, some would argue it is an unprecedented high.

The How and Why of Data and Digital Giving with Quinetha Frasier

Giving has changed. Many of us have phone in hand most of the day and spend hours in front of our computers. Quinetha Frasier joins the podcast to share how MyPledger is making the switch to digital giving easier, for both organizations and donors, and why tracking the success of campaigns through data is essential.

Is Georgia Really Losing Millionaires

An annual study that ranks millionaires per household by state, the Global Wealth Monitor, this year drops Georgia to number 40. As we took a closer look we found that, as often the case, statistics can be misleading. Read our take on it in our recent Atlanta Report newsletter. If you aren't a subscriber, click here to request a [...]

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Giving Is Bad? NOT!!!

I was somewhat taken aback last month by a Washington Post book review of David Callahan’s THE GIVERS: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy In a New Gilded Age. (Callahan recently gave an interview on 1A with the AVP of the Rockefeller Foundation and the CEO of the Casey Foundation. You can hear the interview/discussion HERE.) The [...]

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