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Is Georgia Really Losing Millionaires

An annual study that ranks millionaires per household by state, the Global Wealth Monitor, this year drops Georgia to number 40. As we took a closer look we found that, as often the case, statistics can be misleading. Read our take on it in our recent Atlanta Report newsletter. If you aren’t a subscriber, click here to request a… Read more »

Giving Is Bad? NOT!!!

I was somewhat taken aback last month by a Washington Post book review of David Callahan’s THE GIVERS: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy In a New Gilded Age. (Callahan recently gave an interview on 1A with the AVP of the Rockefeller Foundation and the CEO of the Casey Foundation. You can hear the interview/discussion HERE.) The… Read more »

Minding Millenials

  By: David Shufflebarger MINDING MILLENIALS I have the impression that a lot of folks over 35 are dismissive of millennials, putting them out of their mind because of some preconceived notions such as ‘entitled, unreliable, or glued to their screens.’ Thus I was struck by this confluence of headlines over a couple of weeks… Read more »

A Peek Behind The Donor Class Curtain

  By: Mark D. Belcher, Partner As Development Professionals, our job is to generate resources to assist our organizations in moving the needle on some cause and usually for a specific purpose.  Pretty vague, right?  It’s not easy to capture the scope and impact of what each of you does every day, in some cases,… Read more »

All Philanthropy Is Local…Or, Is It?

By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner A highly-respected head of a fundraising firm spoke up at a recent national gathering of consultants and said, “all philanthropy is local.” (He was making a twist on the phrase “all politics is local” that is attributed to former Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill from decades ago.) … Read more »

Brexit Balderdash

  By: David T. Shufflebarger, Senior Partner Thanks to the good work of the Giving USA Foundation and its research partner, the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, we know that giving correlates most positively to the stock market.  So, it is not unreasonable to wonder about the impact on giving when the markets move markedly.… Read more »