Orchestrating Student Success with University of West Georgia President, Dr. Kyle Marrero

Dr. Kyle Marrero’s background in music lends itself to planning for the future, guiding faculty and helping students achieve success at the University of West Georgia. As Dr. Marrero points out, each individual is important to the overall goal, but each must be allowed to play to their area of expertise. In this episode of [...]

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The How and Why of Data and Digital Giving with Quinetha Frasier

Giving has changed. Many of us have phone in hand most of the day and spend hours in front of our computers. Quinetha Frasier joins the podcast to share how MyPledger is making the switch to digital giving easier, for both organizations and donors, and why tracking the success of campaigns through data is essential.

From Volunteer to Full-Time Development Director with Natasha Lebowitz

One school, one mission, one campus. That vision inspired Natasha Lebowitz to accept a position on the board for the Atlanta Jewish Academy. But what started as a volunteer position moved into full-time dedication as Natasha became Development Director for the school. In this podcast, she and Alexander Haas CEO, David King talk about that [...]

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Follow Your Passion, Select the Right Clients with James Hackney

James Hackney joins Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King to share how he followed his passion and became Senior Director of Development for Yale Divinity School in the spring of 2014. Currently leading the School’s efforts to raise $200,000,000 and meet 100% of student financial aid need by 2022, James details how previously being [...]

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48 Nonprofits, 48 Websites, 48 Hours with Adam Walker

Nonprofits focus where they should… helping others. Thus, 48in48 Founder, Adam Walker set out with the goal of helping nonprofits. Traveling to different cities, Adam, his team and volunteers help create 48 websites for 48 local nonprofits in 48 hours - helping these organizations spread the word about what they do and giving them the [...]

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Developing Young Leaders with Colonel William J. Gallagher

William J. Gallagher, Colonel, US Army, Retired and President of Riverside Military Academy joins Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King to share how the institution offers specialized courses to train students representing 22 nations. During their conversation, Colonel Gallagher recognizes the importance of maintaining donor relationships beyond the ask and offers tips for other [...]

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