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Fundraising for the Arts: How to Build Community Relationships with Anthony Rodriguez of Aurora Theatre

Anthony Rodriguez is Co-Founder & Producing Artistic Director of Aurora Theatre. Among other fundraising challenges, the Theatre moved locations in 2007.

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Insights for Museum Board Enhancement with Mary Wieler of the Museum Trustee Association

Mary Wieler, President of the Museum Trustee Association joins Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King to talk museum board enhancement and education. They discuss state and local laws regarding endowments, what board members need to know specifically about museums to better serve the board, how to understand economic cycles that impact donations and more. [...]

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Understanding the Repeal of the 80/20 Rule with FSU’s Tom Jennings

The recently passed tax legislation disallowing 80% of tax-deductible “gifts” has raised issues when it comes to athletic seating deduction/counting. Athletic departments now require individuals to pay for the privilege of purchasing season tickets. On this edition of Futures in Fundraising, Tom Jennings, VP of University Advancement and President of the Florida State University Foundation [...]

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How to Select the Best Fundraising Counsel for Your Nonprofit with David King

Your nonprofit needs to start a fundraising campaign. Now what? Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King joins Laddering Works’ Cynthia Hayes to explain the steps for selecting fundraising counsel.

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How to Foster Alumni Involvement and Manage Growth in Higher Ed Philanthropy with UNCW’s Eddie Stuart

More money can often translate into more problems. Once your organization has needed funding, the next decision is allocation.

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How to Navigate Change in your Organization with Jennifer Jones and David Daniel

As your organization adapts to a new vision, your donors come along for the journey. And as your donors change, how they think about money and philanthropy may also change.

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Mentorship and the Advancement of Health Care with Philip Mazzara

Philip Mazzara, President and CEO of Providence Health Foundation joins Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King to share steps along his career path from advancement to fundraising and how mentorship helped shape that journey.

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