Alexander Haas 2018 Year in Review

Even before New Year’s Day, 2018 looked set up to be quite a year. It started off with the implementation of some significant tax law changes that had the potential to really impact the nonprofit sector including the increase in the standard deduction and anticipated “gift bundling” that may result. 

In 2018 the U.S. celebrated another record year of philanthropy with Giving USA reporting $410.02 Billion given to charities!

At Alexander Haas we remained committed to transforming organizations that transform lives.  

This year alone we worked with 70+ organizations in 21 states in 50+ communities on campaign planning and execution, annual fund enhancements, major gift program development, staff mentoring and training and even helped a couple of organizations to establish development offices for the first time. 

We conducted 263+ Campaign Strategy Study interviews with philanthropists to evaluate their potential support for client projects.  

Our clients included colleges and universities, independent schools, churches, human and animal welfare organizations, museums and performing arts organizations.  

During 2018 we helped to plan and execute campaigns with goals totaling over $2.5 Billion.

Suffice it to say that we have kept busy, as we know you have.  Here is looking forward to another robust year of philanthropy in 2019!