Different Is Good: The Alexander Haas Experience


My start at Alexander Haas began ordinarily enough; I heard through a friend that a fundraising consulting firm in Buckhead was hiring, and I was looking to make a move from my current job at a local nonprofit.

I went in for an interview with few expectations; my knowledge about fundraising, consulting firms, and fundraising consulting firms was limited.  During the interview, one statement stood out and still resonates with me today.

The interviewer said to me “You know, if you’re going to spend 40 hours a week with the same group of people, you may as well enjoy coming to work and do work that you enjoy.”

Eleven years later, I am still at Alexander Haas and truly enjoy it.  The people I work with are some of the most experienced, interesting and kindest people that I know.   The reasons I have stayed are also the reasons why I think Alexander Haas is the leader in our field:

  1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

At Alexander Haas, we work as a team.  Clients work with more than one consultant; in fact, each client has a team behind him or her working together to further the mission of the organization.  This philosophy mirrors a fundamental tenet of Alexander Haas; we work as a team, not as individuals working towards different goals.  All of our consultants, each of whom have decades of experience in the development field, partner with the other consultants to accomplish the goals of our clients.  If you hire our firm, you are hiring an experienced team whose members work closely together on a daily basis out of one central office.

  1. A Value-Added Approach

A crucial part of each client’s team includes an experienced and professional Project Coordinator.  The Project Coordinator’s role it is to serve as a liaison between the consultant and his or her clients to keep services on track.  Every client receives specialized support from this value added organizational approach.

  1. One Size Does Not Fit All

Every organization and client’s needs are different, and so is our firm’s work with each client.  We do not work from a preset list of action steps and recommendations; rather, our work with each client is tailor-made to address the needs of that client.  Our clients are not “cookie cutter” organizations, and neither are we.

A wise person once told me that if you find a job doing something you are passionate about, then you are doing pretty well.  As an added bonus, I work with a team who helps clients further their missions to help others on a daily basis…pretty well, indeed.