The Growing Cost of Education

As kids start back to school, school supplies are available everywhere, but can parents afford the supplies their child needs to start school?

In the past 10 years, school supply prices rose by 60% leaving some parents struggling to keep up with the costs. In some cases, parents must choose between paying the electric bill and buying the calculator their child needs for the new school year.

When a child arrives in the classroom with no supplies, either the teacher must provide them or the student simply falls behind academically.  Something as simple as not having paper to write down the homework assignment – or even complete the assignment – hinders a child’s ability to take full advantage of their education.

Education is key to a child’s success and should not be impacted by the ability to not buy the proper supplies. The price of school supplies will continue to increase. What are we doing to help these children succeed in school?

A growing number of children depend on local school supply drives to get what they need for the first day of school: