Why We Won’t Do It For You

I am a fervent supporter of our nation’s nonprofit institutions. Having worked in the nonprofit sector for most of my adult life, both inside the nonprofit and as an outside consultant, I know firsthand the enormous impact the work done by our charities has on our communities. It is a unique adrenaline rush to ask someone for a great gift and have him or her respond positively. And I should say, I really like asking!

Nonprofit directors and volunteers have a variety of reasons why they can’t ask a supporter for a gift:
     • I am just too busy.
     • I am too close to that donor.
     • The development staff is supposed to do that, not me.

They often ask me, in my role as their consultant, “Why won’t you just make the ask for us?” As much as I enjoyed that role when I was a development officer, as an Alexander Haas consultant, I have to give the truthful answer: “It just won’t work!”