How to Choose the Right Fundraising Consultant for Your Nonprofit?

The decision to engage outside counsel is a valuable move for your nonprofit organization.

You are entering into what will be a long-term relationship with a partner to attain an important, likely crucial, goal. As competition for donors’ dollars continues to increase, attitudes of givers change, and the tactics and methods for reaching your fundraising goals must evolve. Therefore, choosing the right fundraising consultant can dramatically affect your organization for years to come.

We Created a Guide to Help

At Alexander Haas, our team has been where you are, on the decision side of the table. From our personal experience, and based on our review of several guidebooks and authorities on the topic of selecting counsel, we created this playbook as a guide to your selection process.

Inside, you will find information on the six crucial steps to selecting the best consultant for your nonprofit’s fundraising program:

  1. Identifying Potential Counsel Partners
  2. Preliminary Screening
  3. The Request for Proposal Process
  4. Checking References
  5. Face-to-Face Meeting
  6. Final Selection and Notification

Feel free to reach out to us at any point for more information.

Our Guide To Help You Select Counsel For Your Fundraiser.

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