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Fundraising for the Arts: How to Build Community Relationships with Anthony Rodriguez of Aurora Theatre

Anthony Rodriguez is Co-Founder & Producing Artistic Director of Aurora Theatre. Among other fundraising challenges, the Theatre moved locations in 2007.

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How to Lose a Donor in 10 Days

  By: Elizabeth Smith, Project Coordinator  One of my favorite movies is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days; it is a classic rom-com that is perfect for rainy days and a glass of wine. In the movie, Andi (played by Kate Hudson) attempts every dating faux pas in the book to get [...]

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Rules of Solicitation: The Script

  After only 10 minutes into the conversation, the prospect said, “I am satisfied that you have met all the requirements for fundraising success that I requested several months ago. I’m ready to sign and pledge $2 million dollars to this effort.” The two solicitors looked at each other in [...]

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Dancing With A Donor’s Ego: A How To

  By Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Study Coordinator In a meeting with a potential donor, whether they are a new donor or a constant supporter of your organization, I have found that these meetings are never one-on-one. The parties in attendance are always you, your donor…and your donor’s ego. Although [...]

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Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying

  No mistake is proof you succeeded. I recently partook in a webinar on peer-to-peer fundraising hosted by a well-known company. The moderator, who was very intelligent and experienced, talked about the key groups a volunteer fundraiser has and how to determine their “infinity” toward the project. Yes, infinity was [...]

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The Queen Speaks: Online Honor Rolls

My colleague John Taylor, despite his demurrers, is often called the guru of advancement services. When I asked him last year for some advice on exemplary stewardship programs he immediately recommended I talk with Lynne Wester, Director of Alumni Programs and Engagement at UNC Charlotte: “She’s the Queen of Stewardship.” [...]

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