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The Culture of Philanthropy within Faith-Based Organizations with Reverend George Wirth

Former Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, George Wirth joins Alexander Haas President and CEO David King on this edition of Futures in Fundraising to discuss the culture of philanthropy within faith-based organizations and the pastors' role for casting the vision for fundraising. Catch a new episode of Futures in Fundraising each month on [...]

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One Distinguishing Factor Why Giving to Religion Continues to Decline and What to do About It

A steady growth in all other subsectors is consistently reducing its market share, and religious institutions themselves may be partly to blame. Were it not for religious groups, we would not have many of our universities, hospitals, hospices, and a number of human service-focused organizations.

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Team Member Spotlight: Jerry Henry

With over 35 years of experience covering a wide-range of non-profit institutions, Jerry W. Henry, Partner, provides counsel on a daily-basis to a diverse body of clients including educational institutions, human service groups, cultural institutions and faith-based organizations.

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