Metrics – Tracking What Matters

There are so many data points that you can track. So many in fact, that meaningful information may get lost in the noise. More data points do not necessarily yield better results.

Effectively Using Data to Drive Dollars

Ed Hohlbein, Chief Everything Officer, a recent guest on the Alexander Haas’ Futures in Fundraising podcast shares tips on how to effectively use the data in your organization’s system.  

Ed Hohlbein, The Drama of Data

On the newest episode of Futures in Fundraising, Ed Hohlbein, CEO – Chief EVERYTHING Officer – of Generate, INC., shares his fundraising journey from actor to data extraordinaire.

Data Can Transform Your Organization

A recent article in The Chronicle Philanthropy showcased how data are transforming the nonprofit world. Go here to read the results gathering data is having with charities across the U.S. Read the article here, subscription required.

It’s All About The Data

In many development offices around the country, there are discussions concerning the need to clean up data in fundraising systems.  Donors are frequently “lost,” or at the very least offended, when data is misused or inaccurate.