Getting Used to the New Normal

Ok, the worst is behind us!  That is what the overwhelming majority of economists now say about the recession.  Most key indicators have turned upward from their lows, France and Germany just reported that their economies actually experienced growth in the second quarter and US exports are increasing, meaning other nations are feeling some recoveryRead More Getting Used to the New Normal

Keeping Things in Perspective

Last week the Georgia Center for Nonprofits released the results of a survey that indicated that 25 percent of nonprofit organizations in Atlanta reported that donations were down in the first half of 2009.  While that is certainly not good news for the sector and clearly there are organizations who are struggling to meet their budgetedRead More Keeping Things in Perspective

American Donors Didn’t Quit

Today, June 10, the Giving USA Foundation released Giving USA 2009, its annual yearbook on giving for the year 2008. Although the book will not be released until August, Alexander Haas has advance access to this information. As an annual tradition our Firm shared these findings and our analysis of them on  the day the data is released by the Foundation. AllRead More American Donors Didn’t Quit