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Is a Phonathon a Thing of the Past?

Last week, I received no less than 5 calls on my cell phone from a phone number I did not recognize…and, thus, did not answer! Like many Americans, I no longer have a “land line” and rely on my smartphone for my calls. I did recognize the area code and know that the call was… Read more »

Homecoming and Alumni Donors: Engagement is Key

Can you believe we’re already halfway through October? Among the things I count as the simple joys of fall are mellow crème pumpkins, crockpot chili, cozy sweaters and boots, and Homecoming weekends! This year was the first I wasn’t able to make it to my college Homecoming reunion, but I still was happy to receive… Read more »

A Look at the Nonprofit Research Collaborative

Answered questions. What if…you could find out which fundraising methods were working in organizations like yours?  Are events up or down? What about direct mail? Should you invest in more proposals to corporations or invest in web site development?  These are real questions affecting nonprofit organizations of all types in the U.S. and Canada daily.… Read more »

That’s the Way the Pigskin Bounces: Football Season Fundraising

Many of the organizations we work with are colleges and universities, and many of these play intercollegiate football at some level.  Several of our current clients are prominent NCAA FBS schools. In fact, 5 of the AP top 10 are current or former clients of Alexander Haas. So what, you ask.  I thought this was… Read more »

A Very Bored Board: Managing Expectations

In his post last week, our friend Jim Paglia discussed his experience and work with nonprofit boards. As I reflected on his words of wisdom, I began to review an assessment we recently wrote for a client, and was shocked by some of the findings! Why? Let’s take a look at their board’s statistics:

How to Create a Compelling Case Statement

One billion-dollar campaign at a university printed a book, and cradled it in handmade wooden box… Another produced a glossy, four-color, seventeen-page document on 14x 17 card stock as its case for support… Still another used hand-made paper bolted between copper plates… The collection of case statement materials in our office runs the gamut from… Read more »

I’m A Volunteer; You Can’t Make Me Do Anything

The headline of this article is an expression I’ve used for over thirty years. Relying on volunteers can lead to misunderstanding, sluggish performance, disappointment, and oftentimes, negative outcomes. Or, volunteers can be the measure that propels a nonprofit organization to its greatest success. In my travels, I meet Executive Directors and CEOs of nonprofits on… Read more »

Great Teachers

Somewhere along the way in school or college most of us have encountered great teachers who made an indelible impression on us. I feel fortunate to have been touched deeply by: A high school physics teacher with the gift of making it a joy to wrestle with complex problems and to learn from failed efforts… Read more »

Corporate Giving in the Arts

Much buzz has been generated this year about the rising trend in corporate giving and business support. Released earlier this summer, the 2013 Giving USA results brought us news that corporate philanthropy is on the uptick, and the more recent AFTA (Americans for the Arts) survey further supplements those results with the report that business… Read more »

The Future of Nonprofits: Reaching Younger Donors

A client told me recently that I am very intuitive, and asked if I was good at “reading tea leaves,” too. As someone who uses tea bags, and not loose tea leaves, I told her that may be difficult for me! The concept stuck with me though, and came up again while I was reviewing… Read more »