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The College Athletic Seating Deduction: Expert Fundraising Opinion

The College Athletic Seating Deduction: Experts Weigh-In

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the U.S. tax reform bill signed into law late last year, repeals a rule that allowed taxpayers to deduct 80 percent of a contribution made for the right to purchase tickets for college and university athletic events.

Expert Fundraising Advice: Patience and Persistence Pays Off

Patience and Persistence Pays Off

Patience and persistence paid off the campaign concluded in 2015 with $105 million raised against the $80 million goal, fulfilling the secret dream that MTSU’s 100th anniversary would be celebrated with a $100 million+ Centennial Campaign.

Alabama Higher Education Clients Recognized

Alexander Haas fundraising experts congratulate our current and alumni clients’ fundraising success as reported in the Birmingham Business Journal (Jan. 27 2016). Current Higher Education Fundraising Clients: Auburn University, Spring Hill College; Alumni Clients -Judson College, University of Alabama-Birmingham. Access the Full Article Here

VSE News On Giving To Higher Education

The annual Voluntary Support to Education (VSE) survey results were released recently, and the annual publication hit my desk this week. Finally, some good news for higher education: Contributions rose nine percent to $33.8 billion.  “The total is the highest recorded in the history of the survey.  In 2009, voluntary support fell from $31.6 billion,… Read more »

The CEO and Fundraising: Lessons from a Pro

For more than three decades, Michael Adams, now President Emeritus at the University of Georgia in Athens, has practiced the art and craft of fundraising on a near daily basis (weekends included). By the time that Adams turned over the UGA Presidency in June to his successor Jere Morehead, his fundraising accomplishments could fill a… Read more »