What Shape is Your Donor Pyramid?

Many of us came up in a world of fundraising where we talked about the pyramid of giving. This was the concept that most nonprofit constituencies resemble a pyramid when you stack the number of donors at each giving level. A great deal of traditional fundraising theory and strategy is based on this concept. That is all well and good if your donor base is a classic pyramid. But, what if it’s not?

Endowing the Arts

Do you know how to talk about endowments?
Here are a few facts to help you brush up your endowment IQ.

5 Ways Small Nonprofits Can Improve Financial Health

Nonprofits face many of the same challenges as their commercial counterparts. They are under-capitalized, lack reserves to withstand a crisis or act on a special opportunity, and struggle to stay afloat from one pay period to the next.

So, how can small charities overcome these obstacles and improve their financial health?

Applying the 10,000 Hour Rule to Fundraising

While working with one of our private school clients, I was reminded of the of the “10,000 Hour Rule”. Some are endowed with “innate talent”…just born with that “it” factor that allows them to be successful in some particular discipline, but it takes practice to really make it happen.

Giving USA 2017 Results

The results are in and the Giving USA 2017 report reveals charitable giving hit a record high for the third straight year in 2016, reaching $390.05-billion.