Young Alumni Giving

A few months ago I attended my five year high school reunion and a few weeks after that I got my first solicitation to the alumni fund call. I was shocked to think back and realize this was the first time my high school was soliciting me for a gift of any kind. And toRead More Young Alumni Giving

Endowment Compliance Audits

Institutions which raise funds for endowments need to be mindful of complying with the donor’s intentions long after the gift was made, and often after the fundraiser who closed the gift is gone from the institution. Although agreeing to a donor’s intentions seems to be a straightforward proposition when dealing with one donor and oneRead More Endowment Compliance Audits

Changing and Challenging Trends in Higher Education — The 4 D’s

The opening panel at the CASE District III conference featured distinguished college and university presidents who talked about the changing and challenging trends in higher education – or, the four D’s. Fortunately these weren’t final grades, but the latest trends in higher education:  Demographics, Disruption, Disintermediation, and Dollars. Joe DiPietro, President of the University of Tennessee,Read More Changing and Challenging Trends in Higher Education — The 4 D’s

Right-Sizing Your Board

by David Shufflebarger, Senior Partner We are often asked “What is the ideal size for our board?” One response is simply, “Not too large and not too small.” Another is, “It depends.” While there is some merit in both answers, neither is very helpful without delving deeper into the board’s role at an individual college,Read More Right-Sizing Your Board