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As Managing Partner at Alexander Haas, Arthur L. Criscillis, Ed.D., leads the firm’s higher education practice. Arthur has almost 30 years of experience in higher education and consulting. In higher education, Arthur led the advancement programs for Purdue University College of Science, Rhodes College and Centre College. Arthur moved from advancement work for colleges and universities into consulting for the opportunity to work with and for a wide variety of colleges and universities.

Utilizing Your Gift Officers To Their Highest Capacity

In conversation with development professionals and from the many development assessments my colleagues and I at Alexander Haas have done, I am constantly reminded that no office has sufficient field officers to secure major, planned and leadership annual gifts.    It’s just a fact of life.    That only serves to amplify our need to [...]

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Four Factors for a Successful Leadership Annual Giving Program

I recently wrote an article for our TEAM newsletter that outlined the benefits of a well-conceived leadership annual giving program. There are several elements to be considered that will ensure those benefits are realized.  This is an important factor in attracting, renewing, and upgrading your donors. Through my experience with our clients and as a [...]

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Leadership Annual Giving: A Key Element for Development Success

By Arthur Criscillis In most organizations, a tremendous amount of time and attention is devoted to principal, major and planned giving programs.  Why? Because they tend to generate gifts with the greatest impact on colleges and universities – in addition to fueling high campaign goals. However, because of the focus on major and planned giving [...]

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How to Make the Case for Donations

By Arthur Criscillis Cash is king – without it you wouldn’t be able to provide the programs and services your nonprofit offers. But why should people give you their hard-earned money? Effective fundraisers are able to answer this question every time they ask for a gift and make the case for donations. I often hear [...]

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Make the Case

by Arthur L. Criscillis, Ed.D., Partner So, it is imperative that we know and are able to articulate why a gift matters. You need a new building? So what? Tell me how it will enable faculty to better educate students and make new and enhanced methods of learning possible. You need professorships? Tell me how [...]