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As Managing Partner at Alexander Haas, Arthur L. Criscillis, Ed.D., leads the firm’s higher education practice. Arthur has almost 30 years of experience in higher education and consulting. In higher education, Arthur led the advancement programs for Purdue University College of Science, Rhodes College and Centre College. Arthur moved from advancement work for colleges and universities into consulting for the opportunity to work with and for a wide variety of colleges and universities.

Boosting Morale is Simple but Not Easy

In every organization, people are undoubtedly the most important resource. The energy of a happy, healthy work environment can serve as a great recruitment and retention tool, as well as improve overall productivity and creativity. Conversely, low morale can zap the energy and productivity out of a team. In the world of advancement, we often [...]

Four Elements of Effective Governing Boards

Governing Boards, particularly those that do not consist of political appointees and work effectively, seem to have several common elements that help to ensure they stay effective. First, they have well-defined and appropriately structured committees where the work of the Board rests. In some Boards, most of that work falls to an executive committee, which [...]

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Dealing with the “80/20” rule: Why not take all of me?

The athletic seating deduction/counting issue arising from the recently passed tax legislation disallows 80% of the tax-deductible “gift.” This means athletic departments now require individuals to pay for the privilege of purchasing season tickets.

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Good News from Giving USA and VSE

With continued growth of the economy and the rise in the stock market, the wind has been at our backs.  I have to believe that continuing investments in advancement programs and, specifically development, have helped education to take advantage of that wind being at our backs.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Donors Coming Back

What influences donors to come back year after year to your organization? Let’s take a look at the top three reasons donors cite for giving in the "2017 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth", and how you can use this knowledge to keep your donors loyal to your organization.

4 Keys to Driving Bigger Gifts in Better Ways

The US Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy is out. It shares the key reasons individuals' choose, give and continue to support organizations and specific missions. Is your organization in tune with these four deciding factors?

The Meritocracy of Ideas – Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio speaks to an extremely important, but challenging to implement, leadership principle -- meritocracy of ideas.  Office politics, organizational hierarchies, tenure in a position or organization all work against this principle. 

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Conducting Preliminary Screenings of Prospective Consultants

The second step in selecting fundraising counsel is to refine and narrow the list to those that you deem to be good potential fits with your organization and your specific needs.

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Philanthropy: Dance The Dance

I am struck how often development officers fail to follow-through with conversations about gift commitments when opportunities present themselves. This came to mind very recently during a conversation with the chief development officer for a college whose university we are serving. Here’s the background: This officer was recruiting volunteers to [...]

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