Author: David Shufflebarger

Talk with Shuff for a few minutes and it is likely that you will learn four things: 1) He is passionate about philanthropy; 2) He considers himself fortunate to be married to Patti, his bride of five decades; 3) He is more than a little proud of their two sons and eight grandchildren; and 4) He is a not so humble Virginian. Shuff has counseled more than 100 clients across all sectors of the philanthropic community since joining the Alexander Haas in 1994 after serving 25 years in advancement leadership roles at Virginia Military Institute, Old Dominion University, and Valdosta State University. The largest part of his practice has been in higher education.

No Good Gift Goes Unpunished

Not 24 hours after the announcement of the world’s largest gift to higher education, there were those eager to criticize it. “Wait, Is Bloomberg’s $1.8-Billion Donation to Johns Hopkins a Good Thing?” screamed the headline in the November 20th issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Michael R. Bloomberg’s gift will enable the University to… Read more »

Expert Fundraising Advice: Patience and Persistence Pays Off

Patience and Persistence Pays Off

Patience and persistence paid off the campaign concluded in 2015 with $105 million raised against the $80 million goal, fulfilling the secret dream that MTSU’s 100th anniversary would be celebrated with a $100 million+ Centennial Campaign.

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Step Away from the Keyboard

My Partners at Alexander Haas and I probably sound like broken records because of our continual emphasis on the importance of major gift officers getting out of the office to visit with their prospects. We continue to emphasize the importance on an in-person visit because it is a glaring weakness we see in underperforming programs.