Author: Jerry Henry

With over 35 years of experience covering a wide-range of nonprofit institutions, Jerry W. Henry, Partner, provides counsel on a daily basis to a diverse body of clients including educational institutions, human service groups, cultural institutions and faith-based organizations.

Year-End Gifts: It’s Better to Give than to Receive!

“It’s better to give than to receive.” As we prepare to move into the holiday season, we’re going to hear this quote from the Christian scriptures (Acts 20:35) over and over again.  My great-nieces and great-nephews simply hate when they hear me say that as we’re opening our gifts around the Christmas tree! And I… Read more »

Is a Phonathon a Thing of the Past?

Last week, I received no less than 5 calls on my cell phone from a phone number I did not recognize…and, thus, did not answer! Like many Americans, I no longer have a “land line” and rely on my smartphone for my calls. I did recognize the area code and know that the call was… Read more »

How to Deal with a Sticky Situation like a Government Shutdown

Diana Leon-Taylor said recently that, “The nonprofit community serves as the glue that solves a lot of problems in a community.”  Leon-Taylor, the President/CEO of the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington, was referring to the current government shutdown. “Statistics show that any community that has a strong nonprofit sector has a strong economy,” she continued.… Read more »

2013 Donor Trends

“You know, Jerry, I’ve decided to focus my philanthropic dollars on fewer organizations going forward. I’d prefer giving a larger amount to support two or three organizations rather than giving smaller amounts to numerous groups.” Essentially that was the verbatim comment one organization’s major donor told me recently as I conducted a Campaign Strategy Study… Read more »

The Future of Nonprofits: Reaching Younger Donors

A client told me recently that I am very intuitive, and asked if I was good at “reading tea leaves,” too. As someone who uses tea bags, and not loose tea leaves, I told her that may be difficult for me! The concept stuck with me though, and came up again while I was reviewing… Read more »

In Generational Giving, Do Not Discount the Boomers

Ok, I admit it.  I’m guilty. If you’re like me, you’re caught up in all of the hype concerning how we as fundraisers try to link our organizations more closely to the Gen X and Gen Y folks. I enjoy technology and new “toys,” so I’m intrigued with all the ways technology is enhancing charitable… Read more »

Challenges in Philanthropy

Recently, I was asked what the “silver bullet” was  to help an organization reach its goal. Used as a metaphor for an effective single solution (and not as the image of The Lone Ranger’s calling card!), searching for a silver bullet for challenges in philanthropy is almost a pipe dream in today’s world. I hear… Read more »

Donor Cultivation Practices: To Fish or Farm?

By Jerry Henry Although I’ve spent a majority of my adult life in small cities and large metropolitan areas, I was born and raised on a small family farm in rural South Carolina. My roots are deep in crop farming – I was even a member of the Future Farmers of American in junior high… Read more »

Maintaining Your Development Plan: There’s No Time Like the Present

By Jerry Henry An organization we are working with is seeking to raise funds for “deferred maintenance.” For a while now, the Board has delayed installing a new roof and updating its heating and air systems, as well as taking care of other physical plant needs. Instead, they have taken a “Band-Aid” approach of just… Read more »