Author: Jerry Henry

With over 35 years of experience covering a wide-range of nonprofit institutions, Jerry W. Henry, Partner, provides counsel on a daily basis to a diverse body of clients including educational institutions, human service groups, cultural institutions and faith-based organizations.

Nonprofit Financial Planning: Dealing with Major Expenditures

By Jerry Henry, Partner Nonprofit financial planning typically includes where you’ll raise money, which grants you’ll apply for, whether you’ll do events, and how you’ll spend that money. You think about the things that affect the organization’s mission: Programs, personnel, and direct services. What you don’t plan for are the major expenditures no one wants… Read more »

Three Points to Hammer Home

By Jerry Henry, Partner “For many that rely on philanthropy…this is not just a tough year. This is going to be a tough era.” –Patrick Rooney, Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University “Ugh! What’s our organization supposed to do?” one client asked dejectedly upon reading the statement above in a recent publication based on the… Read more »