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Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Studies Coordinator, brings his passion for non-profits and the arts to Alexander-Haas. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Brenau University, and as a member of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Jarrad’s background in music and theatre led him to development and fundraising.

Get Your (Data) House In Order

  By: Katie MacKenzie, Project Coordinator Why is good data management important? Because it can tell you a wealth of information about both the past and the present! Instead of being reactive in knowledge about your donors, you can be proactive. You can determine those who might be good prospects for moving up to [...]

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A Peek Behind The Donor Class Curtain

  By: Mark D. Belcher, Partner As Development Professionals, our job is to generate resources to assist our organizations in moving the needle on some cause and usually for a specific purpose.  Pretty vague, right?  It’s not easy to capture the scope and impact of what each of you does every day, in some [...]

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Mozart In The Money

  By: Katie MacKenzie, Project Coordinator Recently, I’ve finished watching the second season of Amazon’s Original Series, “Mozart in the Jungle.” I’m a classical music buff, so this television show is right up my alley. The storyline follows a very eccentric young conductor who takes over the fictional “New York Symphony.” And, I must [...]

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Liberal Arts Lessons From Sweet Briar

  By: Meggan Arp, Ph.D., MBA, Marketing Coordinator Over a year after the alumnae of Sweet Briar College stymied a plan to close their institution, the College’s resilience is manifest with positive results: Sweet Briar has exceeded its fundraising goals for the 2016 fiscal year, raised $10.25 million in 10 months, balanced the budget without [...]

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Can We Require A Minimum Gift To A Campaign?

  By: Nancy E. Peterman, Partner  “Can we require a minimum gift to a campaign?”  The question I was asked was unusual.  The caller, co-chair of a local organization, wanted to know if we had ever recommended requiring a minimum gift level for a capital campaign.  This organization had initiated a capital campaign several [...]

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Fostering Little Philanthropists

  By: Heather Thornton, Project Manager I was rushing into WalMart last weekend, attempting to cram a week’s worth of shopping needs into a twenty minute mad dash around the store.  List in hand, I grabbed a cart, ready to set the World Record for the fastest shopping trip known to man, when I [...]

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Meaningful Metrics

  By: David T. Shufflebarger, Senior Partner You may have heard the phrase, “What gets measured gets done.” It’s variously attributed to Peter Drucker, Lord Kelvin, and the Renaissance astronomer Rheticus (the sole pupil of Nicolaus Copernicus). Its original version was, “If you can measure it, you can manage it.”  Measuring it, of course, [...]

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