Author: Jarrad Howard

Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Studies Coordinator, brings his passion for non-profits and the arts to Alexander-Haas. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Brenau University, and as a member of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Jarrad’s background in music and theatre led him to development and fundraising.

Board Alphabet: T’s, W’s, G’s, and P

  By: David Shufflebarger, Senior Partner Well done, the work of college and university governing boards is hard work. And today that work is more frequently done under public scrutiny based on such things as federal scorecards, financial aid stress tests, bond ratings, state mandates for improved graduation rates, and, sadly, leaders behaving badly. Not… Read more »

Increasing Meeting Productivity

  By: Heather Thornton, Project Manager Have you ever been in a meeting that seemed to drag on and on, with no end in sight?  Or perhaps you may have participated in a call that was not so much long as it was unproductive?  I was recently involved in a volunteer effort which required weekly… Read more »

Working Your Way Through Conflict

  By: Nancy E. Peterman, Partner Development officers are often the delight of any social occasion.  Trained to facilitate conversations, we are masters of putting people at ease.  As skilled as most of us are in smoothing over moments of awkwardness or tension, there is the infrequent blip on the radar screen where an encounter… Read more »

Too Many Meetings? It’s Not Just You

  By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner It’s not just you. There really has been an increase in the number of meetings in which we’re asked to participate. A research report conducted during the past year explores the various meetings in which company employees are involved and the various ways in which they participate. In this particular… Read more »