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The Power of the Nudge

Here at the end of January, nonprofits across the spectrum are analyzing the results of year-end giving campaigns, looking for the trends that will help set priorities and metrics for 2019. A recent online article on behavioral economics may provide a new perspective. In the online quarterly magazine, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, authors Dean [...]

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Insights Don’t Come From Confidential Studies

The confidential feasibility study model is a barrier to the process, not a catalyst, and a disservice to clients. Here’s why …

4 Keys to Driving Bigger Gifts in Better Ways

The US Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy is out. It shares the key reasons individuals' choose, give and continue to support organizations and specific missions. Is your organization in tune with these four deciding factors?

Build and Retain Your Donor Base

The Wallace Foundation has been a leader in the field of research and study of effective audience building tactics and strategies for nonprofit fundraising. Since 2002, the Fund has supported innovation in audience building through its grants to over 54 performing arts groups across the country. This year, with researcher Bob Harlow, they have published The Road to [...]

A History of Modern Philanthropy

            By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner I’ve always been a history buff.  But, a new website has piqued my interest in a way that combines my love of history and my interest in philanthropy. A History of Modern Philanthropy, found at, is an interactive website that takes a look [...]

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VSE News On Giving To Higher Education

The annual Voluntary Support to Education (VSE) survey results were released recently, and the annual publication hit my desk this week. Finally, some good news for higher education: Contributions rose nine percent to $33.8 billion.  “The total is the highest recorded in the history of the survey.  In 2009, voluntary support fell from $31.6 billion, [...]

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A Look at the Nonprofit Research Collaborative

Answered questions. What if…you could find out which fundraising methods were working in organizations like yours?  Are events up or down? What about direct mail? Should you invest in more proposals to corporations or invest in web site development?  These are real questions affecting nonprofit organizations of all types in the U.S. and Canada daily. [...]

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Three Points to Hammer Home

By Jerry Henry, Partner "For many that rely on philanthropy...this is not just a tough year. This is going to be a tough era." --Patrick Rooney, Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University "Ugh! What's our organization supposed to do?" one client asked dejectedly upon reading the statement above in a recent publication based on the [...]

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