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A Modern Day Fundraising Dilemma

Reviewing the ethical statements now required to be accepted when renewing my Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) status last month, I was particularly struck by the following points in the International Statement of the Ethical Principles of Fundraising: Fundraisers will always respect the free choice of all individuals to give donations or not. Fundraisers [...]

Giving USA 2019 Results – Giving Reaches Record-Breaking High, But Not Everyone Benefited

Do you feel like giving was up last year? Do you feel like it was down? Well, either way you could be right. According to the findings of Giving USA, 2018 was an uneven year for philanthropy, with some subsectors experiencing significant increases, while others saw significant decreases. It was also a year that [...]

Saving Sweet Briar: “Whatever it takes.”

“People seem to think we went above and beyond the call of duty for Sweet Briar but really, one of our core values at Alexander Haas is to do whatever it takes to make our clients successful.” Whatever it takes. Sweet Briar College, a women’s liberal arts college founded in 1901, was at risk of [...]

No Good Gift Goes Unpunished

Not 24 hours after the announcement of the world’s largest gift to higher education, there were those eager to criticize it. “Wait, Is Bloomberg’s $1.8-Billion Donation to Johns Hopkins a Good Thing?” screamed the headline in the November 20th issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Michael R. Bloomberg’s gift will enable the University [...]

Orlando isn’t the Only Magical Place in Florida

Say “magic” and “Florida” in the same sentence and people think you are talking about Orlando.However, there is something magical about Pensacola, particularly the University of West Florida’s 50th Anniversary Capital Campaign.Launched in 2011, the campaign set a stretch goal of $42 million for the quiet phase.

Fostering Young Alumni Donors

  By Heather Thornton, Project Coordinator The other day, I received a holiday email from my alma mater which promoted me to put “make year-end gift to Sewanee” on my to-do list.  Being in the fundraising field and working with higher education institutions on a daily basis, it also got me thinking about my [...]

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Liberal Arts Lessons From Sweet Briar

  By: Meggan Arp, Ph.D., MBA, Marketing Coordinator Over a year after the alumnae of Sweet Briar College stymied a plan to close their institution, the College’s resilience is manifest with positive results: Sweet Briar has exceeded its fundraising goals for the 2016 fiscal year, raised $10.25 million in 10 months, balanced the budget without [...]

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This Was Their Fight Song

By: Elizabeth Smith, Project Coordinator This summer, Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” became the anthem of so many women across the country. The song empowers women to stand up and fight whatever is going on in their lives and to be strong. This summer, I had the honor to fight for something – Sweet Briar [...]

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Imagining The Future of Liberal Arts Colleges

  By: Meggan Arp, Marketing Coordinator In light of Moody’s Investors Service’s ominous forecast that closure rates of small colleges and universities will triple and that mergers will double by 2017, many are questioning the future of small, liberal arts institutions. A recent article by Kellie Woodhouse in Inside Higher Ed identifies the main [...]

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