Don’t Say No To The Dough: Gift Lessons

Last month The Washington Post reported that 50 leading Roman Catholics in higher education signed a letter protesting a $1-million gift that will enable the Catholic University of America’s School of Business and Economics to hire four visiting scholars to do research on “principled entrepreneurship.” They argued that the gift sends “a confusing message” becauseRead More Don’t Say No To The Dough: Gift Lessons

2013 Donor Trends

“You know, Jerry, I’ve decided to focus my philanthropic dollars on fewer organizations going forward. I’d prefer giving a larger amount to support two or three organizations rather than giving smaller amounts to numerous groups.” Essentially that was the verbatim comment one organization’s major donor told me recently as I conducted a Campaign Strategy StudyRead More 2013 Donor Trends

What The Heck Is Donor Fatigue?

In recent months we’ve been asked dozens of times by reporters, clients and volunteer leaders about phenomenon of “donor fatigue”. This theory espouses that there are so many fundraising projects underway that donors are stretched to capacity and can no longer support them all.  In essence, that donors are “worn out” from too much givingRead More What The Heck Is Donor Fatigue?

The Only Cure for Donor Fatigue

It happened again. I was meeting with a school head recently and she told me, “Our fundraising is flat, we are experiencing a lot of donor fatigue.” I told her that I was not surprised to hear that, because donor fatigue is easily spread through contact with unicorns. Ok, I really wasn’t that sarcastic (butRead More The Only Cure for Donor Fatigue