Mozart In The Money

By: Katie MacKenzie, Project Coordinator Recently, I’ve finished watching the second season of Amazon’s Original Series, “Mozart in the Jungle.” I’m a classical music buff, so this television show is right up my alley. The storyline follows a very eccentric young conductor who takes over the fictional “New York Symphony.” And, I must say, theRead More Mozart In The Money

Fostering Little Philanthropists

By: Heather Thornton, Project Manager I was rushing into WalMart last weekend, attempting to cram a week’s worth of sopping needs into a twenty minute mad dash around the store.  List in hand, I grabbed a cart, ready to set the World Record for the fastest shopping trip known to man, when I heard aRead More Fostering Little Philanthropists

The Boat With One Oar

By: Katie MacKenzie, Project Coordinator A man in a small row boat once found himself caught up in a sudden storm. Waves were crashing. Wind was howling.  The boat was impossible to control. In all of the chaos, one of his two oars was tossed overboard, never to be seen again. As the winds diedRead More The Boat With One Oar

Beat The (Fundraising) Heat

By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner Many of you reading this piece will know that, historically, July and August are the slowest months of the year for charitable fundraising, in general.  Many board members and other donors and friends are busy with family commitments or vacations. You may be willing to travel to Aspen, BarRead More Beat The (Fundraising) Heat

He’s Just Not That Into You

By: Elizabeth Smith, Project Coordinator He’s just not that into you…the worst words for a single girl to hear after going on what she thought was a successful date. We all know you can’t always salvage a relationship when there is no chemistry, but what about donors? What do you do if they are notRead More He’s Just Not That Into You


By: David T. Shufflebarger, Senior Partner At the core of all that we do in securing gift support for our institutions are the relationships we build with each donor. Now, mind you, if we don’t have a good case for support and leaders, both volunteer and professional, to put that case forward, we are notRead More Teamwork

Knock, Knock — Intentionally Elevating Awareness

By: W. Milton Key, Jr., Partner Many of you reading this piece serve institutions and organizations with high profiles built through the combination of a growing reputation over decades, several successful fundraising initiatives over time, and significant marketing over a long period.  Others serve well established organizations that are relatively new to prioritizing philanthropy.  StillRead More Knock, Knock — Intentionally Elevating Awareness

Mission Matters

By: Meggan Arp, Marketing Coordinator Recently, I had the privilege of helping to coordinate a panel entitled, “The Donor’s Perspective,” for the Junior League of Atlanta’s Leadership Institute’s Advanced Fundraising Certificate Course. Our panelists were donors from the corporate, foundation, and private sectors who shared their experiences and knowledge about what ultimately motivates donors toRead More Mission Matters