Training in the Time of COVID-19

Training in the Time of COVID-19 By Arthur Criscillis, Managing Partner In conversations with clients and colleagues, I have heard that training is high on everyone’s list. With travel prohibited, many staff members are seeking additional training opportunities and many leaders are trying to structure appropriate learning opportunities for their staff members. That is wellRead More Training in the Time of COVID-19

Annual Performance Reviews: Passé?

By: Nancy E. Peterman, Partner Have annual performance reviews become passé?  A recent article states that “more than four-fifths of firms are ditching standard year-end performance reviews and ratings, including Goldman Sachs and General Electric.”  Keeping up with the times, General Electric is now using a mobile app in its new process to provide moreRead More Annual Performance Reviews: Passé?

Doing Right By Donors

By: David T. Shufflebarger, Senior Partner Two stewardship incidents stick vividly in my mind even though they were 25 and 35 years ago. Both times I was mad as hell. The first involved a large program endowment and an aggressive Dean. We had had a very good investment year and wound up in the topRead More Doing Right By Donors

Social Media for Conferences

Long gone are the days when networking had to be done via telephone, email or in person. Social media provides great ways to meet people, gather information and keep in touch, that were not previously possible. With careful planning and effective use of social media tools, networking can even be easier and more valuable thanRead More Social Media for Conferences

Continuing Education: Advantages of Attending Professional Conferences

By Nancy Peterman It’s good to catch up with colleagues and make new acquaintances at professional conferences and other events. I attended CASE District III (CASE is the Council for Advancement and Support of Education) earlier this year, and was particularly delighted to see several long-time professionals in attendance who hold cabinet-level development positions, such asRead More Continuing Education: Advantages of Attending Professional Conferences