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Applying the 10,000 Hour Rule to Fundraising

While working with one of our private school clients, I was reminded of the of the “10,000 Hour Rule”. Some are endowed with “innate talent”…just born with that “it” factor that allows them to be successful in some particular discipline, but it takes practice to really make it happen.

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MatchSticks Atlanta Job Matching for Fundraising/Development and Non-Profits

Alexander Haas is pleased to announce that we are now providing a job matching service for development professionals and our Atlanta nonprofit clients. MatchSticks, our newest RESULTS driven service, is now available as a cost and time effective professional search option. Build your development team by utilizing our growing database of development career seekers, counsel… Read more »

Capital Campaign Creative Services | Fundraising Materials, Donation Cards, Collateral Development

Creative Services From colorful brochures, professional campaign stationery packages, persuasive case statements, and state-of-the-art electronic presentations, Alexander Haas uses creativity to produce a visual identity for its clients’ fundraising campaigns. With years of experience, our creative team pinpoints our clients’ unique needs and designs award-winning, one-of-a-kind marketing pieces that get RESULTS.

Art Museum Capital Campaign | Art Museum Fundraising | Art Museum Endowments

Museum Services Face it: Museums are different. Alexander Haas serves a cross section of museums throughout the country. We specialize (and delight in) your unique challenges and attributes. As a museum, you have different needs at different times. Alexander Haas can help you craft a unique solution for your needs to create very real RESULTS.… Read more »

Fund Raising Counsel | Fund Raising Experts | Fund Raising Consultants

Fundraising Counsel Whether your need is in Annual Fund, Leadership Annual Giving, Major Gifts, Planned Giving – or all of the above – Alexander Haas can be your partner to help enhance your fundraising results. We believe that annual giving and ongoing development programs are the backbone of a strong organization. We strive to partner… Read more »

Endowment Campaign Consulting | Endowment Campaign Development and Planning

Endowment Campaign At Alexander Haas, we understand that developing an endowment campaign plan is only the beginning of the challenge. Successful campaigns depend on executing the plan, monitoring progress and the situation carefully and making the right adjustments to maintain momentum and keep the campaign on course. We also understand the importance of executing the… Read more »

Capital Campaign Strategy Study | Capital Campaign Strategy Development | Campaign Feasibility Studies

Campaign Strategy Study Our Campaign Strategy Study is a four-phased process that evaluates an organization’s readiness – externally and internally – to successfully conduct a campaign. Alexander Haas developed the Campaign Strategy Study to expand on the traditional “feasibility study” in order to provide more useful fund-raising information and a more comprehensive approach to ensure… Read more »

Capital Campaign Planning | Pre-Capital Campaign Counseling | Campaign Feasibility Assessment

Pre-Campaign Counsel Contemplating a campaign? Not sure how to start? Know how to start but need to equip yourself with a winning strategy? Alexander Haas provides invaluable objectivity and experience to help you prepare for the most successful campaign possible. Typically, Pre-Campaign Counsel requires a period of one to six months, depending on the organization’s… Read more »

Capital Campaign Development Assessment Study | Campaign Feasibility Studies

The Development Assessment Study Alexander Haas is dedicated to helping organizations throughout the nonprofit world build strong advancement programs to meet both immediate and long-term objectives. A Development Assessment Study is often the first important step in the preparation for a major fundraising campaign as well as other challenges, such as new leadership, a changing… Read more »