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Hard Times, Hard Decisions: 7 Things Small and Midsize Charities Should Do When a Recession Looms

By Drew Lindsay With recession warnings routinely flashing, Steve Zimmerman offers a cautionary tale from the last downturn. The co-author of a book on nonprofit sustainability, the Milwaukee-based consultant says he works with a group that launched a capital campaign in 2007, before the Great Recession hit in force. Construction began in 2008, but then the stock market [...]

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Recession in 2019? Charities Wring Their Hands but Do Little to Prepare

By Drew Lindsay The news any given day is filled with warnings of "doom loops," inverted yield rates, and other wonky predictors of a recession. A downturn is likely for 2019, economic cognoscenti say, if not inevitable by 2020, particularly given the drag of the monthlong federal-government shutdown. Such warnings aren’t generating much alarm or action among charities, however. A [...]

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Nonprofit Newsbytes – July 11, 2014

What’s Looking Up? Consumer Views According to the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index, Americans are feeling more optimistic about the economy than in the past 6 years. The Index has been measuring the public’s economic attitudes weekly since 1985 – and last week showed its third strongest reading (37.6) since January of 2008. Why so confident? [...]

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