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How to Select the Best Fundraising Counsel for Your Nonprofit with David King

Your nonprofit needs to start a fundraising campaign. Now what? Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King joins Laddering Works’ Cynthia Hayes to explain the steps for selecting fundraising counsel.

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Team Member Spotlight: John Taylor

Meet John Taylor, Partner with Alexander Haas! As a Partner, John applies his extensive background in development to serve a wide variety of clients.

How To Choose The Best Fundraising Counsel For Your Nonprofit

Seven things organizations should keep top of mind when considering hiring fundraising counsel but often neglect to do.

Team Member Spotlight: Arthur Criscillis

Dr. Arthur Criscillis, Managing Partner at Alexander Haas brings over 25 years of development and nonprofit experience to the Firm. He moved from advancement work for colleges and universities into consulting for the opportunity to work with and for a wide variety of colleges, universities, and independent schools.

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Team Member Spotlight: Nancy Peterman

Nancy E. Peterman, Partner at Alexander Haas assists universities, schools, healthcare, arts and cultural institutions and human service organizations to achieve results and pursue their missions. In this month’s Team Member Spotlight, Nancy shares her start in nonprofit fundraising, what she loves most about her job and how a recent project changed her perspective.

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Team Member Spotlight – David King, President & CEO

In this month's Team Member Spotlight, David shares what he loves most about his job, the book that made the greatest impact on his career and a hidden talent few people know. In his 25 years at Alexander Haas, David has provided fundraising counsel to hundreds of organizations.

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MatchSticks Atlanta Job Matching for Fundraising/Development and Non-Profits

Alexander Haas is pleased to announce that we are now providing a job matching service for development professionals and our Atlanta nonprofit clients. MatchSticks, our newest RESULTS driven service, is now available as a cost and time effective professional search option. Build your development team by utilizing our growing database of development career seekers, counsel [...]

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Capital Campaign Creative Services | Fundraising Materials, Donation Cards, Collateral Development

Creative Services From colorful brochures, professional campaign stationery packages, persuasive case statements, and state-of-the-art electronic presentations, Alexander Haas uses creativity to produce a visual identity for its clients' fundraising campaigns. With years of experience, our creative team pinpoints our clients' unique needs and designs award-winning, one-of-a-kind marketing pieces that get RESULTS.

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