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Grace and Civility—University President Teresa A. Sullivan’s Leadership

The eighth and first female president of the University of Virginia, Teresa A. Sullivan, is completing her last few weeks on the job.  It is hard to believe that an institution as old as UVA (founded 1819) has only had eight presidents; however, its founder did not see the need for the position.

Education Fundraising Podcast | LSU Foundation’s Daniel Bozard

Higher Ed Metrics, Accountability and Culture Building with LSU Foundation’s Daniel Bozard

On this episode of Futures in Fundraising, Daniel Bozard, LSU Foundation Vice President of Development joins Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King to talk metrics, accountability and culture building.

The College Athletic Seating Deduction: Expert Fundraising Opinion

The College Athletic Seating Deduction: Experts Weigh-In

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the U.S. tax reform bill signed into law late last year, repeals a rule that allowed taxpayers to deduct 80 percent of a contribution made for the right to purchase tickets for college and university athletic events.

From Volunteer to Full-Time Development Director with Natasha Lebowitz

From Volunteer to Full-Time Development Director with Natasha Lebowitz

One school, one mission, one campus. That vision inspired Natasha Lebowitz to accept a position on the board for the Atlanta Jewish Academy. But what started as a volunteer position moved into full-time dedication as Natasha became Development Director for the school. In this podcast, she and Alexander Haas CEO, David King talk about that… Read more »