Team Member Spotlight: Judy Anderson

Meet Judy Anderson, Project Director for Alexander Haas! In this month’s Team Member Spotlight, Judy shares what she loves about working with museums and arts organizations, current industry trends and what brought her to Alexander Haas. 

The College Athletic Seating Deduction: Experts Weigh-In

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the U.S. tax reform bill signed into law late last year, repeals a rule that allowed taxpayers to deduct 80 percent of a contribution made for the right to purchase tickets for college and university athletic events.

Best of Web: Resources for Navigating the New Tax Laws

This new calendar year brings with it a number of tax policy changes that will undoubtedly impact nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit leaders – particularly Board members – seek quick information and statistics to navigate this new landscape.

Auburn University

Alexander Haas doesn’t try to impose upon us a cookie cutter approach. They made a point of embedding… Jane DiFolco Parker, Auburn University