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Strategies and Tips to Maximize #GivingTuesday with Adam Cotumaccio of MDA

While #GivingTuesday is a major, nation wide giving campaign held each year the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, your donor and social media strategies should stretch beyond. In this episode of Futures in Fundraising, Muscular Dystrophy Association Executive Vice President and Chief Impact and Philanthropy Officer Adam Cotumaccio joins Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King to [...]

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Trickle Down Philanthropy

As some of you will recognize, I’m fascinated by the changing trends in philanthropy, particularly as it relates to innovation. Every day we are introduced to some new technology that promises to encourage our wellbeing up the positive vector.  Maybe you’re wondering, Why am I reading about technology and innovation in a Philanthropy blog—stay with [...]

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Best of Web: Industry Trends

One of the challenges facing development leadership today is the retention of key staff members. Turnover in development is high. In fact, some would argue it is an unprecedented high.

Learning Leadership

At Butler, a Corporate Way to Manage Change and Groom New Leaders, an article in the August 1 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education, made for a fascinating read, and not just because Butler University is a former client. These are challenging times for the not for profit sector as we emerge from the [...]

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