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Team Member Spotlight: Jarrad Howard

Meet Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Studies Coordinator with Alexander Haas! Jarrad's passion is rooted deep for nonprofits and the arts. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Brenau University, and as a member of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Jarrad’s background in music and theatre led him to development and fundraising.  In this month’s [...]

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The Importance of your Website Design

By Jarrad Howard, Campaign Strategy Study Coordinator Many times, your organization’s website is what makes your first impression. More and more, donors are going to websites before ever having spoken to anyone, which means your website is the most prolific representation you have. It also acts as a business card - a quick and efficient [...]

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Learning the Language

By Mark Belcher, Partner After more than 20 years of working in and with various types of development organizations – higher ed, research, hospitals, etc. – one thing I have come to appreciate is that there is more often than not a considerable gap translating our work into the language of business operations. As is also [...]

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Donor Advised Funds

The website Inside Philanthropy had a provocative blog recently from a nonprofit management consultant named Alan Cantor. Cantor argues that the triple-digit growth in donor advised funds (DAFs in the lingo of the field) is actually hurting charities. Simply put, a DAF is a charitable fund that an individual donor can establish at an investment [...]

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Not-So-Social Media

By: Jarrad Howard We hear it all the time. It has become the current buzz phrase within the non-profit sector: “Your organization needs to have a social media strategy”. This is completely, 100% true. Every organization needs to have a presence in social media. However, when it comes to fundraising, the most important part of [...]

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