Training in the Time of COVID-19

Training in the Time of COVID-19 By Arthur Criscillis, Managing Partner In conversations with clients and colleagues, I have heard that training is high on everyone’s list. With travel prohibited, many staff members are seeking additional training opportunities and many leaders are trying to structure appropriate learning opportunities for their staff members. That is wellRead More Training in the Time of COVID-19

A Modern Day Fundraising Dilemma

Reviewing the ethical statements now required to be accepted when renewing my Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) status last month, I was particularly struck by the following points in the International Statement of the Ethical Principles of Fundraising: Fundraisers will always respect the free choice of all individuals to give donations or not. Fundraisers willRead More A Modern Day Fundraising Dilemma

David King Live on Business RadioX

President and CEO David King talks with Atlanta Business RadioX about the tax reform’s expected impact on giving and discusses current trends in philanthropy and nonprofit giving. Listen to the live broadcast here.

David King Live on Business RadioX

David King talks with the High Velocity Radio hosts about how to strategically set your donor board up for success, pitfalls to avoid when planning your fundraising budget, and just how Alexander Haas helps “transform institutions that transform lives”.

Giving USA 2017 Results

The results are in and the Giving USA 2017 report reveals charitable giving hit a record high for the third straight year in 2016, reaching $390.05-billion.