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Embracing Diversity in Today’s Fundraising World

Among the most pressing and relevant issues faced by museums and performing arts organizations today is the diversification of their leadership, staff and audiences.   This has long been an important topic in the field, but the dialogue around these issues has taken on new significance in recent years.  While attention is most often paid… Read more »

Boosting Morale is Simple but Not Easy

In every organization, people are undoubtedly the most important resource. The energy of a happy, healthy work environment can serve as a great recruitment and retention tool, as well as improve overall productivity and creativity. Conversely, low morale can zap the energy and productivity out of a team. In the world of advancement, we often… Read more »

Alexander Haas 2018 Year in Review

Even before New Year’s Day, 2018 looked set up to be quite a year. It started off with the implementation of some significant tax law changes that had the potential to really impact the nonprofit sector including the increase in the standard deduction and anticipated “gift bundling” that may result.  In 2018 the U.S. celebrated… Read more »

On Board and Institutional Governance: Insights from AGB President, Rick Legon

On Board and Institutional Governance: Insights from AGB President, Rick Legon

What defines a successful board? How do institutions determine what matters most on their campus grounds? Rick Legon, President of AGB shares insights on the podcast.

Minding Millenials

  By: David Shufflebarger MINDING MILLENIALS I have the impression that a lot of folks over 35 are dismissive of millennials, putting them out of their mind because of some preconceived notions such as ‘entitled, unreliable, or glued to their screens.’ Thus I was struck by this confluence of headlines over a couple of weeks… Read more »

Meaningful Metrics

  By: David T. Shufflebarger, Senior Partner You may have heard the phrase, “What gets measured gets done.” It’s variously attributed to Peter Drucker, Lord Kelvin, and the Renaissance astronomer Rheticus (the sole pupil of Nicolaus Copernicus). Its original version was, “If you can measure it, you can manage it.”  Measuring it, of course, doesn’t… Read more »

Where The Wild Things Are

  By: Elizabeth Smith, Project Coordinator Have you ever had a runaway committee member who hijacks the meetings and goes on never-ending tangents that cause the meeting to run over? If so, you have experienced a Wild Thing. In my experience with Wild Things, they have passion for the organization and excitement for the project,… Read more »

Double Check! It’ll Save Your Neck!

  By: Katie MacKenzie, Project Coordinator I’ve recently begun working with a client whose campaign reporting figures are…well….how to put it nicely….never accurate. And, I don’t mean a mistake here or there, every campaign update report we receive has multiple errors and each time I receive the report, it takes me quite a bit of… Read more »