Let’s Get Personal

By: Jerry W. Henry, Partner “As a development director, how do I maintain a personal life in the midst of my hectic schedule?” Yet another development professional asked me the question that I believe many of us struggle to answer in a satisfactory manner. The issue of successfully building the proper work-life balance can beRead More Let’s Get Personal

The “Right” Way

By: Mark Belcher, Partner I’ve been thinking about doing things “right” a lot recently.  And yes, I know that can go in many, many directions.  Often there are lots of ways to do any given task, and I firmly believe that smart people find ways to complete the job at hand, but let’s look atRead More The “Right” Way

Increasing Meeting Productivity

By: Heather Thornton, Project Manager Have you ever been in a meeting that seemed to drag on and on, with no end in sight?  Or perhaps you may have participated in a call that was not so much long as it was unproductive?  I was recently involved in a volunteer effort which required weekly conferenceRead More Increasing Meeting Productivity