Vigilance in Uncertain Times

Vigilance . . . An appropriate word to describe how those of us who work to strengthen nonprofit organizations should view the future.  Why vigilance?  Well, bear with me.  

A Very Bored Board: Managing Expectations

In his post last week, our friend Jim Paglia discussed his experience and work with nonprofit boards. As I reflected on his words of wisdom, I began to review an assessment we recently wrote for a client, and was shocked by some of the findings! Why? Let’s take a look at their board’s statistics:

Five Principles To Keep In Mind When Running A Hospital Foundation

According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, 77% of healthcare CEOs name financial challenges as their number one concern. With ever-tightening margins from operations and investments, increasing debt, and healthcare reform, private philanthropy remains an attractive option to supplement capital expenditures, special projects, healthcare initiatives or general operations. Hospital foundations have existed for manyRead More Five Principles To Keep In Mind When Running A Hospital Foundation

Effective Fundraising

Last month, Michael Chatman, maverick philanthropist and host of the Michael Chatman Giving Show, released his second annual list of “America’s Top 40 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants.” Alexander Haas President and CEO, David King, made the list as the only consultant in the top 20 based in the south. I had the opportunity to speakRead More Effective Fundraising

Insights and Outcomes

I have a good friend named Jim Paglia who owns a marketing and branding company called In’s and Out’s. The odd name stands for “insights and outcomes,” which is what Jim prides himself on achieving for his clients – and he does. But recently, I’ve been thinking about those two words in a different context:Read More Insights and Outcomes

Challenges in Philanthropy

Recently, I was asked what the “silver bullet” was  to help an organization reach its goal. Used as a metaphor for an effective single solution (and not as the image of The Lone Ranger’s calling card!), searching for a silver bullet for challenges in philanthropy is almost a pipe dream in today’s world. I hearRead More Challenges in Philanthropy

How to Make Philanthropy Count

A frequent dilemma faced by Presidents and Chancellors in American higher education is how they can use the role of philanthropy to meet financial challenges. We were recently asked by some board members for suggestions for how to make philanthropy count. The easiest way, of course, is to increase the budget support for advancement, butRead More How to Make Philanthropy Count